Qualitative XRD

Quantitative XRD

Assay-validated Quantitative XRD

Amorphous Content Quantification

When all that’s needed is mineral or phase identification. This is the quickest and cheapest method of identifying your minerals or crystalline phases.

Identification and quantification of minerals by the industry standard Rietveld Refinement method. Rietveld Refinement provides accurate, albeit normalised, mineral abundance.

The most accurate and precise method of mineral quantification by XRD. The mineralogy is not normalised, but is rather reconciled to measured chemistry. This allows for mineral recoveries to be calculated.

Quantification of amorphous phases is achieved by adding a known amount of a 100% crystalline standard phase, to the sample. A correction factor is then calculated from the overestimation of the standard. This correction factor is then applied to all crystalline phases within the sample.

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