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Graphite Flotation

Graphite has many uses, some of which are in: batteries, steel making, brake linings, foundry facings and lubricants.

Geolabs offers a full range of flotation methods for concentrating graphite ores.

Spodumene Flotation.jpg

Spodumene Flotation

Spodumene has become a popular worldwide source of lithium for the ever growing batteries industry.

Geolabs specializes in the characterization and beneficiation of spodumene ores.


Petalite Flotation

Petalite has become a popular, albeit not as lithium-rich, alternative to spodumene. Petalite, however, is mostly used in the ceramics industry due to its thermal shock resistance.


Iron Ore Flotation

Iron ore fines flotation is key in highly weathered iron ore deposits where there is a large proportion of fines or slimes.

Geolabs can concentrate your iron bearing minerals effectively, by reverse flotation.

PGM Flotation.jpg

Flotation of Gold and PGM Ores

Being a South African metallurgical laboratory, we also offer flotation tests for the usual suspects: gold and PGMs.