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Geolabs boasts a fully equipped and dedicated comminution testing facility; services are described below. Geolabs is certified by JK Tech Pty Ltd to perform both JK Drop Weight and SMC tests.

Shaking Table 3.png

Shaking Table 

A shaking table test is a physical experiment used in the process of mineral separation, which exploits differences in the density, shape, and size of minerals. The shaking table consists of a flat table with a series of riffles or grooves along its length, which are designed to trap the heavier mineral particles as the table is shaken back and forth. During the test, a sample of is placed onto the table and subjected to a controlled shaking motion. As the table shakes, the heavier minerals are concentrated in the riffles, while the lighter minerals are carried off the end of the table. This process is repeated multiple times with different samples, and the resulting mineral concentrates are collected and analyzed. Shaking table tests are used to assess the effectiveness of mineral separation techniques and to optimize the conditions for the separation process.

Sample Requirements: Minimum 5 kg

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Knelson Concentrator

Coming in Q3 2023!

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