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Our Heavy Liquid Separation Services

Liquid Densities 2.30 - 2.96 g/cc

Geolabs offers heavy liquid separation at densities ranging from 2.30 - 2.96 g/cc using varying mixtures of tetrabromoethane (TBE) and acetone.

Heavy liquid separation is a "best case" separation technique that will indicate whether larger-scale gravity methods have any chance of upgrading the mineral of interest.

Geolabs can test your samples at multiple liquid densities, in cascade or another format.

Liquid Densities  2.96 - 4.50 g/cc

Geolabs offers heavy liquid separation at liquid densities ranging from 2.96 - 4.50 g/cc using sodium polytungstate (SPT), a non-hazardous alternative to Clerici solution. These densities can also be achieved with tetrabromoethane (FeSi) and fine FeSi.

Geolabs also offers heavy liquid separation with LST at densities up to 3.6 g/cc


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