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Our Heavy Liquid Separation Services

Liquid Densities 2.30 - 2.96 g/cc

Geolabs offers heavy liquid separation at densities ranging from 2.30 - 2.96 g/cc using varying mixtures of tetrabromoethane (TBE) and acetone.

Heavy liquid separation is a "best case" separation technique that will indicate whether larger-scale gravity methods have any chance of upgrading the mineral of interest.

Geolabs can test your samples at multiple liquid densities, in cascade or another format.

Liquid Densities  2.96 - 4.50 g/cc

Geolabs offers heavy liquid separation at liquid densities ranging from 2.96 - 4.50 g/cc using sodium polytungstate (SPT), a non-hazardous alternative to Clerici solution.

Geolabs opted to switch to SPT for higher liquid densities as opposed to tetrabromoethane (TBE) and ferrosilicon (FeSi) mixtures, because FeSi corrodes relatively quickly when submerged in TBE and exhibits fast settling rates, even when finely ground. Agitation or stirring is also a problem, which is required to keep the magnetite and FeSi in suspension. The combination of fast settling rates and centrifugal forces due to agitation, prevents a uniform density from forming in the vessel, both vertically and horizontally.


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